Will my life insurance premium increase as I get older as a senior?


Q) Will my life insurance premium increase as I get older as a senior? 
A) No! Your premium will never increase. You policy is a whole life policy – your monthly premium amount is locked in for life. 
This is a very good questions as most seniors who are on a tight budget need to know if they will ever be faced with a premium increase on their life insurance policy. The answer is NO! With a whole policy, your premium will never increase. The premium cost stays the same for the life of the insured. You will never be faced with a premium increase on your whole life policy. This gives you that peace of mind knowing that your payments on your whole life policy will never increase.
Senior Whole Life Policy Quote Examples – Premium does not increase.

Non Smoker – Level Plan
Age 50 $5,000 $11.23 p/m
Age 55 $5,000 $14.10 p/m
Age 60 $5,000 $17.82 p/m


Some of the other great features of a whole life policy is that the policy last your whole live. You can never outlive your policy. Your policy last your whole life – so you are always covered. Your policy face value will never decrease. You have that confidence of knowing that the funds needed for your final expense is always there for your loved ones. Your whole life policy also grows cash value. You can always ask the insurance company to tell you the current cash value. You can always borrow against the cash value or cash out your policy.  Keep in mind that if you borrow from the cash value it is always best to pay it back, as you will be reducing the payout value of your policy. If your financial situation changes and you no longer need a burial insurance policy to cover your final expenses you can cash out your policy.

If you are seeking a whole life policy, our Agents at SeniorCareLife specialize in knowing the most affordable coverage options for you. We will do all the shopping for you and at the end of the day we are confident that our rates will be better than most other life insurance companies for the same type of whole life insurance policy. Remember be sure to compare the same type policy if you are shopping around, as with term life policies the premium will increase over time. A whole life policy premium will never increase.

We will always do our very best to find you the while life insurance coverage you need. Your Whole Life Policy will have No Medical Exam to qualify. We have great life insurance carriers that provide excellent premium cost for our Seniors. Even if you have medical conditions.

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WITH NO MEDICAL EXAM to qualify – Qualifying age 50 to 85
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