I get my social security check on the 1st can you withdraw the premium around that time?


Q) I get my social security check on the 1st can you withdraw the premium around that time?
A) Yes you can. Just tell us the date of the month you want your premium to be withdrawn and every month on that date the insurance company will withdraw your premium from your account. As the payer of the policy you can always request a change of the withdrawal date at any time.
We understand that most seniors need to budget their expenses each month while on social security retirement benefits. So as professional life insurance agents who work with a lot of seniors we always ask what day of the month they would like their premium to be withdrawn.

Agent Senior Whole Life Policy Quote Examples

Non Smoker – Level Plan
Age 50 $5,000 $11.23 p/m
Age 55 $5,000 $14.10 p/m
Age 60 $5,000 $17.82 p/m


Keep in mind that in the application process most companies will not grant life insurance coverage for seniors who are over 81 years even though they are on social security benefits. A few will provide coverage up at age 85 if the senior is in good health. At senior care life, we specialize in finding coverage for seniors up to age 85. Also keep in mind that there are times when we are unable to find coverage for a senior who is above age 80 due to carriers underwriting requirements.

We will always do our very best to find you the coverage you need. We will try our very best to get you a Whole Life Insurance Policy with No Medical Exam. We have great life insurance carriers that provide excellent rates in covering Seniors on social security even with various medical conditions.

Get Standard Whole Life Insurance Coverage While On Social Security
WITH NO MEDICAL EXAM if you qualify – Qualifying age 50 to 85
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