Can I get life insurance coverage with Alzheimer’s?


Q) I am a senior with Alzheimer’s, can I get life insurance coverage? A) Yes. As a senior with Alzheimer’s, you can get Whole Life Insurance coverage. 
Though most life insurance companies will not provide coverage for seniors who have Alzheimer’s Disease due to their under writing guidelines we have companies that will provide whole life Insurance coverage if you have Alzheimer’s Disease. Our A+ Rated life insurance carriers will provide you with life insurance coverage while you have Alzheimer’s Disease.


With on your Alzheimer’s? condition, You may qualify for a Whole Life Insurance policy with a: 

  • Graded Benefit Life Insurance Coverage – Senior Death Benefit would be limited to 30% of the face amount in the first year. 70% in the second year and equals 100% in the third year.


  • Modified Benefit Life Insurance Coverage – Senior Death Benefit limited in the first two years to a return of premiums paid plus 10% annual interest and equals 100% beginning of the third year.

Feel free to watch our senior life insurance tv ad  again for more information on a senior whole life insurance policy.

Some symptoms associated with Alzheimers Disease:
    • Repeat statements and questions over and over
    • Forget conversations, appointments or events
    • Routinely misplace possessions
    • Eventually forget the names of family members
    • Eventually forget everyday objects
    • Lose sense of what day it is
    • Difficult understanding surroundings
    • Difficulty concentrating and thinking
    • Finding it challenging to manage finances
    • Inability to recognize and deal with numbers
    • Having trouble finding the right words
As a Senior You Can Get Whole Life Insurance Coverage